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Discover Little Norway Resort in Park Rapids, MN

January 7, 2024

Idyllic Park Rapids Resorts: Little Norway Resort

The Land of 10,000 Lakes will always be an alluring, undeniably peaceful destination for avid anglers and growing families alike. The fish are plentiful, the landscape is beautiful, and the people are genuine. Many of the state’s finest Northern Minnesota fishing resorts lay hidden along the banks of gleefully underutilized bodies of water, such as Little Mantrap Lake, home to historic Little Norway Resort. Little Norway, as its brand suggests, is a slice of Norwegian hospitality. To the north lies Itasca State Park, the Mississippi River’s headwater. To the south, you’ll find Park Rapids, a bustling summer town with a vibrant downtown. The resort itself welcomes travelers of all kinds, including couples, large families, and, yes, eager anglers itching to wrangle Little Mantrap Lake’s feisty largemouth bass community.

Peaceful Little Mantrap Lake

Because Little Mantrap Lake in Park Rapids, MN is home to one of the most beloved multigenerational Minnesota fishing resorts, crowds of anglers seek solace at Little Norway Resort during peak seasons. However, we’re one of just two outposts on the lake. Thus, you’ll rarely hear anything but the soothing sounds of nature: the wind’s whisper, the subtle waves, the hardwoods’ creak, and the bird’s chatter. Thanks to the lake’s diverse fish population, anglers of all skill levels will indisputably enjoy their week on Little Mantrap.

A Thriving Fish Populace

Sunnies thrive here, which is quite the treat for little ones who are still learning the tricks of the trade. Based on decades of experience, the plumpest fish are typically hooked near the breakline (15 to 22 feet of depth). The largemouth bass population is exceedingly abundant, making them the target of choice for many. Northern pike, while average-sized, congregate in masses around the eastern edge of the main basin. Not surprisingly, Mantrap’s walleyes are crafty and guileful, a challenge worth accepting. Water Lilies, cattails, and bulrushes just above the crystal-clear water, adding an extra level of aesthetic beauty and serenity. With 545 acres at the ready, there’s ample space for all.

Peaceful Minnesota Fishing Resorts: Discover Little Norway

Little Norway Resort of Park Rapids, MN opened its doors 44 years ago, but the camp itself has been around since the early 1950s. Over the decades, Little Norway evolved into one of the top-tier Northern Minnesota fishing resorts thanks to our ongoing level of excellence. Both the fervid angling population and casual lodgers can appreciate the sprawling acreage and desirable tranquility. Guests will discover a convenient, sizable cleaning house (polished daily), a limited amount of fishing gear (including rods, tackle, and minnow buckets) for sale in the main lodge, an assortment of bait, and a fleet of boat rentals that are equally affordable and contemporary. 6HP outboards, in particular, start at only $195 per week. Pontoons are available as well. Water access can be found right on the grounds of the resort for those who boast their own state-of-the-art boat.

Handcrafted Lakeside Cabins

Northern Minnesota fishing trips come in all shapes and sizes. Little Norway Resort has a fleet of lakeside cabins named after various fish and woodland critters, such as Walleye, Moose, and Mallard. Some of the best fishing in Minnesota is only a stone’s throw away from these cozy, fully-furnished cottages. Each unit is equipped with a campfire ring, private deck, charcoal grill, and knotty pine interior. We wouldn’t be one of the most alluring Northern Minnesota fishing resorts without these charming accommodations. Please give us a call today at 218-732-5480 to book a well-deserved escape to Park Rapids’ backcountry (or check availability online).

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