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Where to Find the Best Fishing in Minnesota

February 15, 2022

Where to Find the Best Fishing in Minnesota

Minnesota is known for its lakes. There’s a lot of them, both big and small. This combination leads to a lot of variety if you are interested in fishing. Simply put, it’s the best fishing in Minnesota. The same goes for when you stay at Little Norway Resort. We offer the best amenities and nearby attractions. You’ll be steps away from a stellar Minnesota lake, Little Mantrap Lake when it comes to fishing. If you want to broaden your horizons, here are our suggestions for the best fishing lakes in central Minnesota.

Little Mantrap Lake

There’s no hiding it. Little Norway Resort is right on the shores of Little Mantrap Lake. So it makes this lake a logical first place to drop a line and start fishing. It’s an oddly shaped lake, but that also means there are many nooks and crannies that you will find providing a rewarding experience.

Lake Itasca

Lake Itasca is a destination. It’s the headwaters for the Mississippi River, and it also makes for a pretty great place for fishing. The lake covers more than 1,000 acres with a healthy fish diversity for anglers to reel in.

Cedar Lake

This lake is south of the resort, and while it’s smaller than Little Mantrap Lake and Lake Itasca, it’s still well worth drilling into for fishing. There are plenty of pockets of deep waters making for ample opportunities for fishing.

Boot Lake

Boot Lake is a more narrow lake than the others listed here. It has proven to be an excellent lake for pike fishing. It’s a bit of a drive to make it from the Resort to Boot Lake, but if pike fishing is your passion, then it’s a worthy recommendation.

Schoolcraft Lake

This lake is one of the smaller lakes listed here, but it makes up for in-depth what it lacks in size. Schoolcraft Lake is about 170 acres big, and it falls 37 feet deep. Its depth makes for a wide variety of fish to gather. Don’t skip this one if you are looking for a new lake to fish on.

Get Out on the Lake

Take the whYou’ll have no issues finding the best place for fishing in Central Minnesota. These five lakes are only a starting point. Just look at a map, and you will find many more lakes to check out. We recommend Little Mantrap Lake because it will be right outside your room at Little Norway Resort. Our cabins are within a few feet of the lake and provide phenomenal views. To plan your stay at the Little Norway Resort today, check our availability online or give us a call at 218-732-5480.

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