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Best Places For Canoe Trips Near Lake Itasca, Minnesota

April 26, 2022

3 Best Places For Canoe Trips Near Lake Itasca, Minnesota

Suppose you have your eye on central Minnesota for a getaway or canoe adventure in the wilderness. In that case, you should look at what Lake Itasca offers you. Canoeing is a popular outdoor activity near Lake Itasca. The lakes and rivers nearby provide variety and excitement, from your canoe seat. When you need to call it quits, the best place to recharge and relax is at Little Norway Resort. Let’s get you up to speed on the three best locations for canoeing near Lake Itasca, Minnesota.

Little Mantrap Lake

You’ll find this lake pretty quickly because Little Norway Resort is right on the coast of Little Mantrap Lake. Take some time to explore the lake and the surrounding Resort. There is a reason why the Resort is here. Little Mantrap Lake is truly a gorgeous lake to experience. Whether you are in a canoe or looking out a window from your cabin on the Resort, it’s a sight you shouldn’t miss.

Lake Itasca

You’ll find the Mississippi River Headwaters here. Lake Itasca and the State Park is a superb location in central Minnesota, full of beautiful nooks and crannies to admire. Maybe you can return and try to canoe the entire Mississippi River in the future. Regardless, Itasca State Park is a site you should return to often because it is one of Minnesota’s best state parks.

Potato Lake

Potato Lake is an excellent palace because it’s connected to a cluster of many other lakes close. Just steps away from Potato Lake, you will find Blue Lake, Eagle Lake, Island Lake, Hay Creek, Potato River, and more lakes. It’s a fantastic location because you can find and travel to many different locals without breaking too much sweat.

Enjoy The Minnesota Wilderness From Your Canoe

Get moving on top of these lakes and rivers in central Minnesota. You are not going to regret seeing the sights and hearing the sounds of the great outdoors. The best is that you won’t be far from the Little Norway Resort when you stay with us. Enjoy your room to the fullest at Little Norway Resort. Our cabins are within a few feet of Little Mantrap Lake and provide phenomenal views. To plan your stay at the Little Norway Resort today, check our availability online or call us at 218-732-5480.

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