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Things to Do in Park Rapids MN

July 20, 2021

The Top 15 Things to Do at/Near Little Norway Resort This Summer

It’s hard to believe summer is just underway and it's time to get out and enjoy all the things to do here at historic Little Norway Resort, a peaceful, secluded family resort less than a mile from Itasca State Park in Park Rapids, MN. This summer aims to be one for the ages after a particularly onerous year for so many families. Thankfully, operations are back to normal here along the sandy banks of Little Mantrap Lake, which acts as a 381-acre aquatic playground for fishing, boating, and swimming enthusiasts from all across Minnesota.

15 Things to Do in Park Rapids, MN, This Summer

In hopes of enhancing the already stellar experience here in Park Rapids’s dense backcountry, we’ve decided to piece together 15 unique things to do at (or near) Little Norway Resort, ranging from paddling through Little Mantrap to a full day at the beach with the kiddos and your favorite pooch. Let’s begin!

  1. Spend a day on Little Mantrap Lake (or a neighboring body of water) fishing for largemouth bass, northern pike, and muskie.
  2. Rent a pontoon (available on-site for $25 an hour) and observe Little Mantrap Lake’s many unique features, including an island, channels, and beautiful lakefront properties.
  3. Slip up to Itasca State Park for an afternoon of sightseeing, birdwatching, and bicycling.
  4. Plan a “beach day” on Little Norway Resort’s spacious stretch of sand. Common mid-day activities include sunbathing, swimming, paddle boating, and sandcastle building.
  5. Embark on a lengthy canoe trip.
  6. Go hiking (or backpacking) through the neighboring Itasca State Park.
  7. Gather around a roaring bonfire as the sun subtly dips behind Little Mantrap Lake.
  8. Host a cook-off in your spacious lakefront cabin rental. Many groups plan multi-family potlucks featuring several classic Northern Minnesota dishes, including tater tot hotdish, wild rice soup, lefse, fried fish (caught in Little Mantrap Lake, of course), and sheets of dessert bars.
  9. Pedal along a historic bike trail, such as the Heartland State Trail, the Paul Bunyan State Trail, or Itasca State Park.
  10. Set aside some play-time with your beloved doggo(s).
  11. Spend an afternoon in Park Rapids (an idyllic day trip).
  12. Take full advantage of Little Norway Resort’s free water rentals, such as kayaks, paddleboards, and paddleboats.
  13. Let the littlest ones make new friends on the recently renovated children’s playground, complete with a wooden pirate ship, swingsets, and slides.
  14. Start a sand volleyball tournament.
  15. Lastly, partake in a wide variety of pre-scheduled activities, such as pontoon rides, bingo night troll hunts, guided hikes, and beach parties. Please note that some (or all) of these activities may be affected by ongoing COVID-19 restrictions.

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