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Rewarding Short Hiking Trails Near Lake Itasca Cabins

January 19, 2022

Rewarding Short Hiking Trails Near Lake Itasca Cabins

Finding a hiking trail and walking through a thick forest or nearby a winding creek can be extraordinary. Minnesota has fantastic trails and cabins to explore, especially near Lake Itasca. With the winter months bringing colder temperatures, getting outside for a hike can be rewarding. Little Norway Resort is the perfect place for those that want miles of wooded wilderness in Minnesota but would like to limit their exposure to the cold air. There are plenty of short hiking trails outside of our cabins, near the Resort, and around Lake Itasca that anyone can enjoy. These are our favorite trails for quick and short outings. These trails are less than a mile long, with very few elevation changes.

Mississippi Headwaters Trail

Probably one of the best places to start. This trail loops around the headwaters of the Mississippi River. There are many interesting facts on the trial related to the Mississippi River. There is also a gift shop near the trail. It can get crowded, but it’s a great place to see firsthand.

Jeanne Lake Trail

Jeanne Lake Trail is an easy trail found in Itasca State Park. As you can guess, this trial will take you past Jeanne Lake, which is a small, but pretty pond to gaze over. This trail is also open for dogs as long as they are on a leash.

Forestry Demonstration Trail

This is another loop trail in Itasca State Park. The path includes numerous informational signs about the trees in the area and the history of the trail’s site. You are bound to learn a thing or two about forestry practices as well.

Bohall Trail

The Bohall Trail is pretty straightforward. It stretches into Itasca State Park and goes back almost the same way you came in. Bohall Lake is not far away, and you will get a glimpse of another beautiful Minnesota lake.

Visit These Trails and See Why Minnesota Is So Beautiful

Take the whole family on one or all of these trails. You will learn little about Minnesota’s miles of picturesque nature, and it should leave you exhausted, in a good way, once you finish your trek. Every single one of these trails is great to take your children or grandparents through. Little Norway Resort is a fantastic place with cozy cabins for your family near Lake Itasca. Our cabins are within a few feet of the lake and provide phenomenal views. You could probably create a short hiking trail near your rental cabin. To plan your stay at the Little Norway Resort today, check our availability online or give us a call at 218-732-5480.

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