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Our favorite day of the week!

April 28, 2020

Well here we go! We are trying our hand at a blog to share stories about Little Norway Resort with the hope to inspire you for your upcoming vacation and learn more about us!

For our first  blog post, we thought we'd share a glimpse of our favorite day of the week during the summer…Sunday. For us as managers of the resort, we love Sundays for the following reasons:

1. Sundays are for catching up with guests.

Sunday mornings we offer donuts, coffee, and lemonade in the lodge which allows us to share more about the resort with new guests and catch up on what's new since last time we saw our returning guests. We've made some wonderful connections with guests over the years and love hearing about what's new and reminiscing about memories made at the resort.

2. The resort is buzzing with energy. 

Saturdays are for travel and check-in, which makes Sundays the first full day of vacation. Guests are excited to start their week off and jump into whatever they have been looking forward to all winter - fishing, swimming, catching up on reading, and more. 

3. We can step away and enjoy something fun together.

Sundays are the best day for both of us to get away from the resort for a couple hours in the afternoon or evening. We enjoy the simple things that Minnesota summers have to offer like sunset pontoon rides and evening campfires.

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