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Things To Do At Itasca State Park: Long Hikes

November 12, 2022

Itasca State Park is a beautiful state park in Minnesota. Itasca State Park is great because of its immense natural beauty and various hiking trails, and other things to do. Itasca State Park is large enough to accommodate many things to do, which includes plenty of long day hikes. The area surrounding the park in Central Minnesota is also home to some phenomenal long day hikes. Please book directly with Little Norway Resort because we are ideally located near Itasca State Park and many other reward-long day hikes. Here are some hikes you can travel to when you stay with us.

North Country Trail

The Itasca State Park includes about 14 miles of the North Country Trail. It might take you more than five hours to complete this section, but it takes you past many interesting sights. You’ll walk past multiple ponds and heavily forested areas. Be sure to bring bug spray if you are hiking in the summer.

Heartland State Trail

This is a 49-mile multiple-use trail between Park Rapids and Cass Lake. It’s a great long and wide trail because it used to be a level abandoned railroad. It’s great for hikers but also bikers as well. The 27-mile segment connecting Park Rapids and Walker is paved too. Heartland State Trail also connects with the Paul Bunyan State Trail system.

Paul Bunyan State Trail

On the Paul Bunyan State Trail, you will access many different trails throughout Minnesota. The Paul Bunyan State Trail is 115 miles long, after all. In addition, it is the longest Minnesota state trail, and the longest continuously paved rail trail in the country.

Bonus Backpacking Destinations

If you’ve run out of explorable real estate at Itasca State Park, we highly recommend three other oft-overlooked hiking destinations. The Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge boasts a diverse array of multi-purpose trails that swing around several lakes en route to marshlands, flats, and remote rivers. A few months back, we touched on the sheer beauty of the Heartland State Trail. And, while it’s mostly utilized by bicyclists, hikers can always pick up the trail wherever’s most convenient. The nearby Two Inlets State Forest, meanwhile, is an ATVing and hunting mecca. Hikers and birders are also welcome to explore the lush topography—remember to apply ample tick repellant.

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We hope that these long hikes in Itasca State Park amplify your upcoming getaway to Little Norway Resort. Check out our 5 best hikes post for more information and inspiration. Most folks fill their days with bicycling adventures, largemouth bass fishing, and a bevy of paddling pursuits. Don’t forget to take a peek at last month’s fall foliage guide before your arrival! Please give us a call today at 218-732-5480 (or check availability online).

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